video & Photography Training

We will cover many topics that will help you in your future career in videography and photography. We have two hour training classes where we will walk you through the entire process of for carrying out your perfect production. Anyone can buy expensive equipment to record with. But knowing how to use your equipment is what sets you apart from the rest of your competitors. Classes are every other wendnesday and include a cookout.

Call to book your first class!

Beginners video

  • Camera Setup Fundamentals.
      Tripod Setup
      White Balance
      Recording format
  • Advance Camera Setting.
      Shutter Speed
      Iris/ F-stop
      Digital Gain/ISO
  • Audio
      Lavalier’s-sensibility, db gain, placement, frequency settings.
      Connection types
      External devises

Advanced video

  • Planning out your shots
  • B-roll and creative shots
  • Lighting
  • DSLR video recording
  • Troubleshooting back light issues
  • Video editing basics

Beginners Photography

  • Camera basics
  • Shooting modes
  • Tri-pod setup
  • Camera settings


  • Classes are $50 and are 2 hours long
  • Classes include dinner
  • One on one training is $35 and hour

We are looking forward to hearing from you and learning more about your big day. Please call 813-965-3109 or if you prefer complete the short form below and we will contact you.

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