Equipment We Use

All photographers will have two cameras on them at all times. One uncropped chip camera being a Canon 5D Mark3 or Canon 6D valued between $2,500 and $3,500 and a cropped chip camera being a Canon T3i valued between $500.00 and $1,550. Uncropped chip cameras are good for formal shooting on tripod and in editing the resolution is so high more can be accomplished with your pictures. Cropped chip cameras are very good to shoot with on the fly. For instance during the dances you will see some photographers holding their camera very high and shooting down hoping for a good shot. Our cameras have monitors that can be pulled out and turned down and up so we can frame a difficult shot like this and insure you get a great picture. Our cameras can also be put low to the ground and the monitor flipped up for unique and creative shots.


We will also bring multiple camera lenses for creative and diverse shooting.

*Macro lenses for up close shots of rings, shoes and other creative shots.


*Wide angle lenses for formal pictures of the bride and groom with family and friends.

*Prime lenses with low f-stop for clear and crisp shot of subject with blurred background.

*Telescopic lenses for non-intrusive ceremony shoots. A good example would be an intrusive photographer being seen in your ceremony more than you are! Here at Avstatmedia we may step in to get a shot but we will not invade your ceremony.

We Provide Proper Lighting

We bring the proper lighting to insure great photographs. A good for instance would be during a sunset shoot the sun will light the back of you and will darken your faces so we light the fronts of you to make sure your not a dark silhouette in your picture.

We are looking forward to hearing from you and learning more about your big day. Please call 813-965-3109 or if you prefer complete the short form below and we will contact you in a timely manor.

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